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If you are new in Ragnarok Mobile Game, you might be confused about the “classes” term mentioned in the game. Well, this is actually a term used to refer to a profession of the game’s character. That is way, the classes is also often called a “job”. Here are several first main classed you can find in the beginning level of the Ragnarok Eternal Love Classes.


This classes is extremely popular for its durability that can turn the front lines as a tanker for the swordmen’s benefits. The main focus of this class is VIT and STR that will serve as their main stats. To help the swordmen to do their jobs, there will be Peco that they can ride as their mount.


Mages or magicians are the second jobs in the Ragnarok Eternal Love Classes. As the name suggests, they use magic to create damages along the game. The main stats of the mages are DEX and INT. DEX is used to lower their casting time while the INT is used to give them damage. The mages need to use elemental advantages in order to help them fight against the correct monsters.


This is a supportive classes in the game and works to provide buffs to the members of the party. The acolytes also serve to heal the party members. That is why this classes is considered to be the most precious one in the party. To do their jobs, acolytes will need INT to help them perform greater healing. Meanwhile, the VIT is used to help them survive in the battles.


If there is a favorite classes in the Ragnarok Mobile Game, it will be the thief since it has access to the Assassin classes. Their specialization is hiding and they are can’t be targeted easily since they can be invisible. For the main damage, they will focus on STR and AGI. Meanwhile, they will need DEX and AGI for further builds.

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