Ragnarok Eternal Love Fast Leveling Guide

There are several ways of Ragnarok Eternal Love fast levelling guide that you should follow. Fortunately, you can find those guides here. There are ten ways you can do to level up faster on Ragnarok Eternal Love.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Fast Leveling Guide

  1. Use VIP/Premium Card

Using VIP or a premium card is a good idea. It provides useful effects like increased job XP, base XP, drop rate, and more. Simply head to the Cash Shop and purchase a Premium card using real money.

  1. Use Lightning Chain item and get the x10 EXP quest

The next way on the guide to level up faster is to use the item named Lightning Chain in the game. It allows you to get more XP. Also, getting the x10 EXP quest twice a day is a good thing.

  1. Stay near the Music Box

Staying near the Music Box is also important. The reason why it is included into the Ragnarok Eternal Love fast levelling guide is it gives you more stamina. More stamina means more time to farm!

  1. Do the basics

First, you need to get the Trick Dead skill. Second, get the First Aid skill. Third, understand the level gap between you and the monsters.

  1. Join a party when grinding

Get a party when grinding for XP. Melee characters will benefit more since they can get more XP from the team. Ranged characters can simply slay more monsters when in a party.

  1. Understand the right place of the map and the right monsters to kill

During early levels, do the South Prontera quests. When you reach level 11, you will need to find a chart which explains the best monsters to kill for each of the class available. Follow this to level up faster.

  1. Item reset and build changing

Use the item reset and change your build when you wish to do a crossjob. Farming would be easier. Definitely, you would level up faster if you have done a crossjob.

  1. Get the Saints Set

These items are only obtainable by using Gacha points. When equipped, you will gain more XP. And definitely, your stats will be better.

  1. Leech parties and Slave Priest

For wizards and blacksmiths, it is better to leech a party. It will make you easier in farming. Also, make sure it has a slave Priest to make farming easier.

  1. Finish the story, main, sub, and daily quest

Never forget to do your quest. Every type of quest provides a lot of XP that may help you to level up. Well, those are the Ragnarok Eternal Love fast levelling guide!

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