Ragnarok Eternal Love Map Navigation

Ragnarok Eternal Love Map Navigation – Everything You Need to Know

One of the features in Ragnarok game that loved by most players is a map that functions to open the world. Find everything you need to know about the Ragnarok Eternal Love map in this following article.

What Ragnarok Eternal Love Map Is It?

With the monsters, pets, and other features found in Ragnarok Mobile Game, the existence of the map is really a precious assistant in the game. With the map, the players will get wider access to enter many places and explore them. There is nothing to call “boring” anymore with the map in your hand. In this way, it will be very crucial for the players to have proper knowledge relates to the map navigation. They will help to find the ways when you get lost in the open-world.

What to Know about the Ragnarok Eternal Love Map

Before using the map, there are several mini-map legends that you need to know, they are:

  • player – your character

  • monsters

  • portal – the place to go when you intend to move to the next map

  • main quest – where you should finish in each level

  • sub-quest – optional quests you can take

  • daily quest – they can be found every day in towns

  • quest tracker – to tell you what place to go for the quest you currently choose

  • crack – the place you should go for a daily crack quest

So, what is the function of the mini-map? Well, the mini-map can function as a waypoint. It is the function of the game to allow the players to use map coordinates when you need to move to a certain place. There are two types of waypoints that the players should know.

  1. Direct Waypoint

To use the waypoint, you will be required to optimize the window of the mini-map as well as the place you are going to go.

  1. Indirect Waypoint

In this waypoint, you need to tap on the “World” blue bar. The tool is located on the bottom left of the window. Once you tap it, there will be a map that appears on your screen.

To be continued to Hidden Map Location in Ragnarok Eternal Love

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