Ragnarok Eternal Love Monster’s Categories

Talking about Ragnarok Mobile Game will not be complete without discussing the monsters involved in it. They are considered to be the native animals walk in the Ragnarok world. Well, are all the Ragnarok Eternal Love monster is dangerous? What are the categorize?

Ragnarok Eternal Love Monsters

What makes the monsters in the world of Ragnarok Eternal Love unique is the fact that not all of them are aggressive. Some of them are identified as passive monsters. They do not even attack other characters found in the game such as dwarfs and Normans. Some other monsters can even be tamed as riding a mount and taken care as pets. Meanwhile, those who are categorized aggressive usually won’t stop to crush everything blocks their way. You also need to keep in mind that many monsters in the world of Ragnarok are undead Normans or demons. The game players need to be careful when they meet these kinds of monsters.

Ragnarok Monsters’ Categorization

The Ragnarok Eternal Love monster can be categorized through these following things.

  • Ragnarok Eternal Love monster  Class

There are four classes of monsters that currently found in the Ragnarok game. They are normal (passive to aggressive monsters), mini-boss (normal monsters with stronger versions), MVP (unique monsters that only appear one time), and elite (normal monsters in special versions).

  • Ragnarok Eternal Love monster Size

There are three common sizes of monsters include large, medium, and small.

  • Ragnarok Eternal Love monster Type

Ragnarok monsters are divided into 10 types, they are demi-human, brute (animal), insect, fish, dragon, plant, formless, angel, demon, and undead.

  • Ragnarok Eternal Love monster Elements

The elements of Ragnarok monsters consist of earth, fire, wind, water, ghost, holy, poison, shadow, and undead.

  • Ragnarok Eternal Love monster Champion

They are actually the elite versions of monsters found in Ragnarok game. The monsters come with better drops and EXP than their normal versions. The current champion’s categories of Ragnarok monsters include armored, erratic, master, angry, and nimble.

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